Homeland Republic of the Tai People
Capital Wanchienyan
Official Languages Wangchienese (a dialect of Chinese), Tai, indigenous languages
Government Democracy
Area 34,571 sq. mile
Population 5,679,900
Independence June 4, 2035
Republic April 15, 2036
Constitution Adopted June 5, 2037
Anthem Tai Homeland of Hope and Harmony

Tai Republic of Wangchien or the Wangchienese Republic, a republic that was once part of China's Yunnan province, and ceded during the People's Revolution of China.


The Tai people adopted the name Wangchien for their newly independent nation which means "king's frontier" after the kingdom of Dali in ancient times.

Battle of WanchyangEdit

The Battle of Wanchyang was a turning point in the Wangchienese independence movement.

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