Unita Civitates Roma, a vast country that covered Europe, Asia, Africa and a land called "Romanica".

Roman Republic
Capital Rome
Official LanguagesLatin, Daecian, Gallican, Seulician
Government Imperial dictatorship
Area 447,944 sq. miles provinces Africania ( 172,487 sq miles) Hispania (224,507 sq. miles) Roman Republic ( 50,709 sq miles) Illyrian Provinces (241 sq. miles)
Population 65,789,450
Currency 1 aurum taurus = 5 aurum vaccae= 2 ferrum
Founded 1500


In 1500 Emperor Gaius Maximus Romanus proclaimed dominance in the Italian peninsula. In 1920 the Roman Empire dominate and fought for territory over neighboring nation of Gallicania by help from Coriolanus.


  • Illyria Adriatica
  • Hispania
  • Africania Minor
  • Africania
  • Transafricania
  • Cisafricania

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