Nationalist Republic of Syria
Capital Baghdad
Official Languages Arabic, Kurdish, Palestinian Arabic
Government Republic
Area 344,133 sq. miles
Population 45,890,789
Formation July 18, 2023
Constitution Adopted August 8, 2026
Second Republic December 2, 2045
Anthem Republican Hymn

United Syrian Republic, a country that was formed after the Second Syrian Civil War and the ousted President Hazad's regime.


The Syrian Nationalist Republic was formed with the three nations of Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan nationalist republics and united into one nation under President Muhammad Hakim Mirakuh.

Hazad's RegimeEdit

President Suleyman Hazad was the dictator of the Syrian Arab Republic after Assad was executed and the Hazad family seized power. In 2019 Prime Minister Hazad was quickly elected by the Arab Brotherhood as a supreme leader of both Syria and Iraq. The regime reached it's peak in 2023 when Hazad was captured and executed for deaths of 200,000 people in Iraq and the Damascus massacre leading to 60,000 deaths and 45,000 injured.

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