Republic of United Hausa States
Capital Sokoto
Official Languages Hausa
Government Republican state
Area 69,064 sq. miles
Population 23,000,000 _
Currency Nigerian pound
Autonomy May 4, 2019
Independence July 6, 2022
Constitution Adopted August 19, 2023
Anthem Hausa, Unite!

Republic of the Hausa (Hausa: Jumhuriyar dukan Hausa)a region that consists of the former Nigerian states of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, and Niger.


The Hausa people didn't know that the Nigerian government granted them independence until the Liberation Army of Jauhariland received the word from the diplomats.

Succession of JauharilandEdit

The succession of Jauhariland was the center of the media. The Global Alliance tried to talk to Major Paul "The Bloody" Okrimba to stand down from his constant attacks against his anti-Western policies.

Okrimba's RegimeEdit

Major Paul Okrimba came into power in 2025 and seized the property of landowners and non-Hausa citizens. Okrimba also hired a secret police force called the Jama'a tsaronki or "People's Defense". This police force was responsible for 10,000 deaths and 5,000 imprisonments of non-Hausa.

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