Republic of Bhumlogadesh
Capital Logamandira
Official Languages Assamese, Bengali, English, Bhumlogadeshi (also called Bhumilogadeshi a dialect of Hindi), Chinese, Mizo, Manipuri, Naga, English, Dzongkha, Tibetan
Government Republic
Area 101,250 sq miles
Population 45,989,789
Currency Rupee
Founded August 15, 2030
RepublicJanuary 26, 2030
Constitution Adopted March 5, 2031
Anthem Lōgōkāmantra or "Mantra of the People"

Bhumlogadeshi Republic, also Bhumilogadesh or Northeast Republic of India(Chinese:國家人民 Guójiā rénmín Bengali: মেনুয়াদেশ or Manuadesh), a republic and former territory of United States of Bharat connected to East India via a narrow corridor squeezed between Nepal and Bangladesh. It comprises the contiguous Seven Sister States—Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura and the Himalayan state of Sikkim.

History Edit

Bhumlogadesh derives from Bhumilogadesh meaning "Land of People and Country" in Hindi. This was chosen by the people to unite them into one nation. The first Pradhanamantri or "President" was Prime Minister Chandar Hari Singharaj who united the country in 2030.


Bhumlogadesh is a bicameral republic ran by the National House or Rastriya Sabhah and National Council or Rastriya Prisada.


Bhumlogadeshi culture is regional and different states of Bhumlogadesh has their own distinct culture.


Bhumlogadesh is ruled by a President or Pradhanamantri which means "prime minister" also. The Pradhanamantri is elected in every five years and has more than four terms. When the Pradhanamantri is accused of breaking the laws he gets impeached by the people.

Contemporary IssuesEdit

The Republic of Darjeeling was annexed by Bhumlogadesh but was occupied by the United States of Bharat.

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