Capital Tirana
Official Languages Albanian (Gheg and Tosk dialects), Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian
Government Democracy
Area 15,312 sq. mile
Population 4,565,986
Currency Lek
Unification May 26, 2022
Recognition September 12, 2026
Constitution Adopted June 19, 2029
Anthem We are the People

Albanian and Kosovar Republic, a republic in the Balkans that was united under the Balkan Treaty in 2026 by the Albanian leader Alëçandër Voxha.


In 2022 the republics of Albania and Kosovo was united by President Alëçandër Envar Voxha.




Contemporary IssuesEdit

Serbia still rejects the status of the union between the two countries as the Serbian government calls the nation "a nation of undesirables" in their attempt to stir conflict. Krepeskia supports the two nations by expelling 300,000 Serbs out of Krepeskia.

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