Brotherhood of the Red Hand of Zamganda (French:Confrérie de la Main Rouge de Zamgande Swahili: Udugu wa Mkono nyekundu ya Zamganda) , a terrorist organization that's responsible for more 1,000 attacks and 3,000 bombings between years 2105 and 2115.

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The Red Hand banner


The Red Hand Faction was founded in 2035 by General Étienne Markosso of Republic of Zamganda. The Red Hand Brotherhood took control of Zamganda and bomb the Congo Democratic Republic in 2039 as a response to them sending border police to harass the Zamgandan citizens.

History of AttacksEdit

The Lagos MassacreEdit

In 2042 the Red Hand Faction bombed a market in the center of the city killing 150 and injuring 30,789 civilians.

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