General Mikhail Yosef Laszlow Zovsky (1989-2045), the dictator of the separatist People's Republic of Chernovia. His radical political beliefs lead him to establish a separatist state in the Eastern European Union.

Early LifeEdit

Born into a poor family Mikhail excelled greatly when he joined the Ukrainian Army. He was made Field Marshal of the Ukrainian Army in 2014 until he was court martialed for assaulting another officer during a drill. Later he became very distempered and hostile towards his first wife Danika Jowynsky. Then in 2015 he organized the Chernovian Nationalist Army.

Rise to PowerEdit

He organized the People's Rada of Chernovia to establish power in the Republic of Chernovia.


Zovsky's Chernovitsiya (Chernovianization) policy was to put Chernovian culture and economy in the public. He hired officials to carry out his wishes called Mislitelagentsia or "thinker-agents" to spread the Chernovian ideology. The Mislitelangentsia were mainly for the


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