Daniel H. Barghas (1978-2023), the last President of the United State (2016-2023) and the only one killed during a war. His ruthless policies and Democratic Party was infamous with the nation and his foreign policy was harsh as more countries opposed him. President Barghas's record was even more shocking when discovered posthumously. The Barghas Administration was known as the most corrupted and dirty governing body in the history of the United States.

President Daniel H. Barghas
NameDaniel Hernando Barghas
Born August 15, 1978
Political titlePresident of the United States
CountryUnited States
Profession Senator, politician, banker
Political party Democratic Party
Spouse Sandra Nong (divorced)
Children Veronica (adopted)
Seceded President Charles S. Smith

Early LifeEdit

Barghas was born in 1978 to a rich family of Cuban immigrants who fled in 1958 from Cuba. In 1999 he ran for Senate and became the Democratic Senator of Michigan (1999-2005). He was accused of fraud and was acquitted of these charges. Then in 2005 he ran for Congress and was made a Congressman (2005-2012) and ran for Senate in 2015 but was unsuccessful. In 2016 he moved to New Columbia City to campaign against the Republican Party and won by a third of the voted. Later after his death it was revealed that he rigged the votes.

Foreign PolicyEdit

President Barghas was infamous for his harsh foreign policy and his contempt for the Arabs was more erratic as he made ultimatums against them and their Sharia. He wasn't popular with Mexico as he sent troops to do his dirty work. President Barghas's peace talks always ended in his biased remarks and outbursts.

Domestic PolicyEdit

He was accused of exiling more than 30,000 American out of the country. But later he denied these allegations and then files revealed that he stated "these Enemies of the State are declared Antipatriots and shall be exiled"

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