Charles Stanford Smith, Jr. (1989-2067) the founder and first President of the American World Federation (2035-2040). His idea to united America to the world was to bring peace to the world's politics.

Early LifeEdit

President Smith was born in 1989 on a small farm outside Topeka, Kansas. In 2005 he went to Harvard and studied politics and world history. Then he ran for Senator from Kansas (2015-2019) and was elected to the House of Representatives in 2019. In 2023 he was made the de facto President of the United States of America when the First American-Arab Wars broke out and the last President of the United States Daniel Barghas was killed in action.

Domestic PolicyEdit

His "Restoration" policy proved to be successful after the First American-Arab Wars which left both nations in debt of $3.9 billion in damages. His tax cuts on oil, and public spending gave the American World Federation about $9.9 billion to pay back the damages. He opposed the Freemerica Coporation and it's policies and tried to veto the funding bill to stop it's aggressive tactics.

Foreign PolicyEdit

His relations with the Arab Brotherhood was strained when the terrorists assassinated the last President of the United States. President Smith banned all trade with the Arab Brotherhood and their leaders.

Declining HealthEdit

President Smith's health began to deteriorate from his hepatitis B he had since childhood. His physician said he'll be alive until his sixties.


President Charles S. Smith was found dead in his home. His cause of death was complications from pneumonia and hepatitis B.

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