Element typeImpervious metal
Country of Origin International
Initial origins Meteoric
Weight in solid form 4,000 tons
Melting point 1,390°F
Other elements present¹Iron, steel, unknown
Value per ounce $500 per oz.
Legality in countriesLegal in all countries
Products used in Weapons, vehicles, machines, buildings
Date of discovery May 21, 2025 by Phicke
Status in usage Wildly used commercially
¹The unknown element has a jade color and hardness of unknown origin.

Unbreakable metal, symbol Pl³, a strong metal that was discovered in 2025 by the American geologist Ronald Phicke. Polyphemium has a melting point of 1,390°F and costs more than $500 dollars per ounce.


The discovery of polyphemium was made by Ronald Phicke. Then came a series of claims on the metal by international companies.



Polyphemium is distributed by numerous mining companies such as the United Metals Corporation.



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