Red Republic of Zamganda (Swahili: Nyekundu Jamhuri ya Zamganda) a totalitarian country in central Africa that was under the rule of a military dictator named General Étienne Markosso, founder of the Red Hand Faction.

People's Republic of Zamganda
Capital Kivu
Official Languages Zamgandan (Swahili dialect), French, English
Government Dictatorship
Area 242,389 sq. miles
Population 5,900,770
Currency Kivu franc
Independence May 4, 2019 from the Congo Republic
Zamgandan Civil War September 12, 2020-October 3, 2021


Zamganda had a long history of brutal civil wars and violence that made the country go into the brink of ruin.

Zamgandan Civil WarEdit

A war that lasted for one year but nearly cost the whole country $45.6 billion worth of damage. However President Markosso paid of the debt by kleptocratic practices.

Rise of the Markosso EraEdit

Red Hand Faction WarsEdit

The ViolenceEdit

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