Republic of Chernovia, Chernovian Empire (Ukrainian: Народної Республіки Церновиыа or Narodnoï Respubliky Cernoviya) , a democratic republic located by the Ukraine. In 2014 it became an independent nation under the dictator General Mikhail Yosef Zovsky. The name is derived from the city of Chernobyl to rebuild the city and then it became a nation.

Democratic Republic of Chernovia
Capital Novychornobskya (Новыцхорнобскыа)
Official Languages Chernovian (Ukrainian dialect)
Regional recognised languages Belorussian, German, Polish, Hungarian
Government Dictatorship
Area 27,226 sq. miles
Population 40,905,000
Currency Chernovian Shmatok (Ш1=$4.89)
Independence April 2, 2014 from the Ukraine
Founding of the People's Rada of ChernoviaSeptember 24, 2016
Civil War and Reunification 2059 (the death of President Zovsky)
Second People's RepublicApril 3, 2060
Products Wheat, wood, metal, dairy, oil
Anthem "Greatness through Victory" Велич через Перемоги Velych cherez Peremohy


The Republic of Chernovia declared independence form the United States of the Ukraine in 2009 and was denied in 2010. This lead to the Chernovian-Ukrainian War of 2014 and after a year of fighting the Ukrainian finally granted full independence to the Republic of Chernovia. Then General Zovsky started his forty-five year reign of terror and then followed the Chernovian occupation of Krepeskia. The Zovskyist Wars broken out in 2078 years after the death of General Zovsky.

Rise of the Chernovia's Economical Alliance (2014-2019)Edit

President Mikhail Zovsky signed an agreement with Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, and Belarus to become the economical Neo-Slavic Empire. This was a chance for President Zovsky to boost his economy without any problems or opposing nations who wanted to intervene.

Chernovian Civil War & Second People's RepublicEdit

The death of President Zovsky was a tragedy to the people and the country. This followed with a civil war called the Zovskyist Wars or the Chernovian Civil War.


(dark green) Neo-Slavic Empire (green) Chernovia (light green)Countries opposing the Neo-Slavic Empire (gray) Neutral countries and regions

Armed ForcesEdit

The Bloodguards are the most feared and despised secret police since the KGB. They also serve as the Chernovian special forces.


The Chernovian People's Rada is the head of government.

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