Empire of Celestial China
Capital Beijing
Official Languages Chinese
Government Constitutional Monarchy, parliamentary republic
Area 3,667,808 sq. miles
Population 2,599,699,450
Currency Imperial Qin Dollar
Fall of the Communist Regime January 1, 2028
Unification October 25, 2030
Imperial Diet Adopted August 7, 2032
Emperor Sheng Jin's Reign June 23, 2035
Tibetan Autonomy and Client Kingdom Established August 4,2036
Anthem Lotus August

Chinese Empire (Chinese: 中国人民帝国 Zhōngguó rénmín dìguó) a country located in Eastern Asia. Emperor Sheng Jin established his power in the People's Empire in 2025 making himself ruler over Imperial China and his people. His influence was very powerful in the political and domestic sphere.

The height of its power lasted from 2028 until 2124 when Emperor Sheng Jin Quan II was killed in a car accident. The Communist Party was dissolved in 2019 when 20,000 members were arrested and imprisoned for treason. Then came more cleansing of communist influences and rebuilding of a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary republic.


General Shao Chaoxing overthrew the Fuzheng regime in 2028 after years of mass murders, protests, murders, and other atrocities. President Chan Fuzheng was tried for murder and war crimes against humanity. Then a month later a series of mass riots in the country broke out between Pro-Communists and Pro-Republican demonstrators. The CCP officials were arrested for crimes against humanity and systematically torturing and killing their own people. Also Hu Jintao was found dead in his home and then Xi Jinping fled the country to take asylum in India but was arrested and charged with supporting the censorship of billions of people. 45,000,000 out of 80,000,000 CCP officials were arrested over the course of 2 years and were tried and imprisoned for their involvement with the Tiananmen Square Massacre and then 345 of them received a death sentence and the rest were imprisoned for their involvement with the 2008 Tibetan Massacre, the SARS Outbreak, invading Hong Kong and trying to topple Taiwan's government. Members of the Chengguan were arrested for their crimes against humanity by killing and torturing bystanders. A year later Xi Jinping was found guilty of orchestrating the "Chinese Dream" and then sentenced to life imprisonment for treason against the United Republic of China.

Tibetan KingdomEdit


The Chinese Imperial Parliament makes laws to run the imperial state and the Emperor and Prime Minister approves the laws.

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