Roman Imperial Soldier with fusilculus.

Novus Romanus exercitus
, the army of the United States of Romana.

Uniforms Edit

The New Roman Imperial Uniforms were made of blue wool pants and a red shirt protected by a breastplate. Helmets were worn in all battles mostly made of steel.

Battlefield MedicineEdit

The relinque mori or "leave to die" rule, meaning leaving a soldier to die in battle, is still in practice but has been banned in 1635. Now the reficientes vulnera or "mending the wounds" rule came into practice in 1645 this is done by a chirurgus who tries to save the wounded soldier.

Secret TroopsEdit

The Praeventores or "Vanguard" was created to protect and suppress the population. A praeventorion is armed with a small dagger and dressed in a cloak, in which they hide their daggers under. When a praeventorion chooses a target he would go behind the victim and give them a quick stab in the neck.

After this is done the praeventorion disposes of the victim by burning the corpse in a ritual they called tegendus corpus or "hiding the body" in the ashes . The centum mori or "hundred to die" is a round up of criminals, and other enemies to the state to be executed.

Legion (Legio)Edit

A unit of 3,000–6,000 men in the Roman army.

  • Legio I
  • Legio II
  • Legio III
  • Legio IV
  • Legio V
  • Legion VI
  • Legio VII
  • Legio VIII
  • Legio IX
  • Legio X
  • Legio XI
  • Legio XII
  • Legio XIII
  • Legio XIV
  • Legio XV
  • Legio XVI
  • Legio XVII
  • Legio XVIII
  • Legio XIX
  • Legio XX
  • Legio XXI
  • Legion XXII
  • Legio XXIII
  • Legio XXIV
  • Legio XXV
  • Legio XXVI
  • Legio XXVII
  • Legio XXVIII
  • Legio XXIX
  • Legio XXXV

Republican ArmyEdit

  • Popularem Legio I
  • Popularem Legio II
  • Popularem Legio III
  • Popularem Legio IV
  • Popularem Legio V
  • Popularem Legio VI
  • Popularem Legio VII
  • Popularem Legio VIII
  • Popularem Legio IX
  • Popularem Legio X
  • Popularem Legio XI
  • Popularem Legio XII
  • Popularem Legio XIII
  • Popularem Legio XIV
  • Popularem Legio XV
  • Popularem Legio XVI
  • Popularem Legio XVII
  • Popularem Legio XVIII
  • Popularem Legio XIX

Eagle LegionEdit

  • Aquila Legio X
  • Aquila Legio XI
  • Aquila Legio XII
  • Aquila Legio XIII
  • Aquila Legio XIV
  • Aquila Legio XV
  • Aquila Legio XVI
  • Aquila Legio XVII
  • Aquila Legio XVIII
  • Aquila Legio XIX
  • Aquila Legio XX
  • Aquila Legio XXI
  • Aquila Legio XXII
  • Aquila Legio XXIII
  • Aquila Legio XXIV
  • Aquila Legio XXV

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