New Polish State, the Chernovian puppet government that was set up by General Ivan Petro Zovsky in 2178 in attempt to make Poland a Zovskyist state.

Zovskyist State of Poland
Capital Warsaw
Official Languages Polish
Government Dictatorship
Area 120,696 sq. miles
Population 39,789,670
Currency Chernovian currency
Founded October 9, 2069
Polish Revolution October 9, 2075
Fall March 3, 2076
Anthem Chernovian anthem

History Edit

The New Polish Empire wasn't really successful as Polish the people quickly crushed the Chernovian Army. However this gave rise to Chernovia's influence in the region as the first Zovskyist Party was formed in Poland.

Krakow MassacreEdit

The Zovskyist terrorists bombed Krakow, Poland killing 213 people and injuring 2,450 and was later found out the terrorist leader Yuri Tchovatsky was responsible for the attack.

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