New Columbia City,"The Big C", the capital of the United States since 2015 when Washington D.C. was reconstructed.

History Edit

New Columbia City was created after Washington D.C. was destroyed by a flood in 2014. Then in 2016 riots and shootings took place killing about 99 and wounding about 1,230. The city was rebuilt and cost about $45 billion dollars and more than 29 buildings were totally destroyed. A new influx of people came in to call New Columbia City home. The Piedmont section was built in 2019 and today is home to wealthy Irish and Italian American entrepreneurs and the businesses that runs New Columbia City.

Buildings Edit

The city was rebuilt by 2017 and the original White House wasn't destroyed by the flood. A new Capital Building was built and the Washington Monument was renovated. The 29 destroyed buildings were fixed up into apartments now called the Piedmont District.

Population Edit

In 2025 the population went up to 3,450,895 making it the fastest growing city in history. People from everywhere came to New Columbia City to live.

Sections of New Columbia CityEdit

New Columbia City has nine sections.

  • Southward City, a residential area of newer houses and apartments.
  • Green Town, a commercial and residential area that was mostly settled by different ethnic groups.
  • Piedmont, an Irish and Italian American business section and the main financial district.
  • The Hill, this is where the White House and the Capital Building is locate.
  • New Columbia District, the most populated section of the city and home to half a million people and cultures.
  • Society Hill, the site of many entertainment and social clubs.
  • The Exchange, a district that has financial and commercial trade buildings.
  • Arlington District, this section is home to the National Graveyard, war memorials, and the New Columbia City Archives.
  • Central City, the heart of New Columbia City and the site of many cultural buildings.

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