The NeoGenics Company, a company of eugenicists and funded by group of devoted scientists who researched ways to build artificial body parts.

Country of OriginAmerican World Federation
Key People Dr. Albert Deintz
HeadquartersNew Columbia City
Foundation December 15, 2120
Employees 20,000 to 40,000
Type Genetics, stem cells, embryonic research
Income $5.9 billion
DivisionsGenetics Corps Unlimited
SubsidiariesGenetek GmbH


The NeoGenics Corporation was founded by Dr. Albert Deintz for developing genetically artificial body parts for patients and amputees. But it was later left to Dr. Ronald Deintz to continue his father's works. Dr. Ronald Deintz collaborated with other scientists and used the research as his way to develop vaccines for cancer, HIV, and AIDS. But Genetek GmbH bought some rights to the company.

Research & DevelopmentEdit

Dr. Deintz's researched a cure for cancer and other diseases has been in the works for years before his death. The AWF State Department funded this research by donated $9,000 million dollars in funds.

Wave Virus OutbreakEdit

The Wave influenza outbreak was first detected in one of the laboratories. Then the first victims suffered from stasis, paralysis, fever, and stroke.


Legal IssuesEdit



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