Neo-Slavic Empire, New Slavic Alliance or NEOSA, a huge collection of Slavic-speaking states who joined to oppose the harsh economic and trade policies made against the People's Republic of Chernovia.

New Slavic Economic Alliance

(dark green) Neo-Slavic Empire (green) Chernovia (light green)Countries opposing the Neo-Slavic Empire (gray) Neuutral countries and regions

Headquarters Prague
Official Languages Slavic languages
Government Economic union
Income 5th in Europe
Founded 2014
Dissolved 2019
Motto For Chernovia's Future

Rise of the Neo-Slavic Empire (2014-2019)Edit

President Zovsky signed an agreement with Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, and Belarus to become a Neo-Slavic Empire. This enabled more income to go into the Chernovian National Bank. Hungary was the only non-Slavic nation to support this alliance and was apart of the NEOSA for a short while until 2017 when disagreements with their policies happened.

New PoliciesEdit

The NEOSA gave Chernovia a new set of policies and the Global Alliance ranked Chernovia the 5th Richest Countries in Europe. The new policies includes:

  • More tax cuts and income.
  • More agriculture, factories, and so on.
  • More privately owned business rights.


The support for Chernovia was successful as more economy came into to th country and the Chernovians started to build up their nation after some difficulties. The American World Federation also supported the cause for Chernovia's successful economy by building the American Embassy in the country themselves.

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