Meganationalists of Chernovia
Country of OriginPeople's Republic of Chernovia
Ideology Zovskyism, radicalism, nationalism
Number of Members2,000,000
Foundation 2025
Membership 18 years or older
Colors Red, black, silver
Status Some Meganationalists are considered terrorists to the Global Alliance.

Meganationalist Party (Chernovian: Меганатсионалитсиа or Meganatsionalitsia), a Chernovian paramilitary group of extremists who wants Chernovia to become a superpower.



The Meganationalist Party has three main goals:

  • Defiance to big and corrupted government control over politics.
  • Spreading the Zovskyist ideology all over Chernovia through radical .
  • Promotion of Chernovianization in domestic and foreign policies.

This was established by pro-Zovskyist supporters in a 2029 rally to promote a nationalist party that supports the Zovskyist cause. But when the


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