Martin Edwin Osley (1989-2070), the founder of the anarchist Steamerite Nationalist Party. His hatred for fundamentalists, terrorists, fascists, and communists caused him to grow paranoid. Osley wasn't about to let America be ran by a "xenocracy" as he thought would happen.

Early LifeEdit

Osley was born in the rural Midwest in 1989. Then he joined the American Anarchist Society. He opposed President Barghas as becoming a "potential dictator" in 2018. Osley called for the impeachment of President Barghas many times in speeches called his "My most brilliant attempt to overthrow a tyrant" in his memoirs.

Battle of Maryland StreetEdit

He rallied his 39,000 protesters in one of New Columbia City's busiest streets Maryland Street. Osley marched against the New Columbia Metropolitan Police in wave of clashes. About 120 Steamerites were shot dead as they assaulted the NCMP Headquarters.

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