Dai Chokkuko
or "Great Chokkuko" Zhou-ku-ko (洲區高) Great Kingdom (戴国)


Royal Standards of Chokkuko.


The Chokkuko comes from Serican Zhou-ku-ko (洲區高) meaning "area on a high continent" and also it became to be known a Turchia Minor.

History Edit

The Serican established the kingdom in 1250. It became powerful in 1508 conquering much of Asia.


Little Turks or Turculi, Chungans, a member of a Turkic people mixed with Asiatic and nomadic blood. They became a separate people in the early days of conquest and also adopted their own distinct language and culture.


The history of the Chungan people is unclear and many think they came from China in the year 900 A.D. and settled with the native population. In 1456 they established a monarchy called the Kingdom of Chokkuko that lasted until 1788 when they were invaded by the Romans.

Chungan TodayEdit

Chungan were absorbed into the Turkic and Mongol population in the 16th and 17th century. They traded with these tribes and this made to their culture and their language became unified in 1855.

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