Kingdom of Biantay
Capital Ayachay Ubon
Official Languages Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Hmong
Government Monarchy
Area 6,221 sq miles
Population 2,345,00
Currency Royal Standard
Independence May 4, 2019
Products Wheat, cattle
Anthem The Mantra of Biantay

Kingdom of Biantay, Bianese Kingdom or Biantaya (Vietnamese: Phía tây núi or Thai: Ubon Ratchathani or อุบลราชธานี)is a kingdom located near southwestern Laotian People's Union, it the borders with United Kingdom of Thailand and Kingdom of Kampuchea.


Kingdom of Biantay was part of the United Kingdom of Thailand until 2036 when in ceded. Then in 2045 it was granted full independence by the United Thai Kingdom.

The Bianese RevolutionEdit

The Bianese Revolution lasted from April 5, 2023 to September 20, 2023. This six month revolution was started when Prince Ang Phang Win Yaan was threatened by a pro-Marxist group. Then came a series of threats from the radical Bianese Revolutionary Party.


Ethnic GroupsEdit

The dominant people are the Bianese, a mixed Asian people of Khmer, Hindi, and Muslim origin.