Republic of Khalzhastan, Khalirshustan (Kazakh: Кхалзхастани республикасы or Khalirşüstan Respüblïkasi) a republic located north of Russia west of Kazakhstan, China to the south, and Mongolia to the east.

Republic of Khalzhastan
Capital Altay
Official Languages Khalzhastani (a dialect of Kazakh), Mongolian, Chinese, Buryat
Government Theocratic democracy
Area 172,546 sq miles
Population 27,800,978
Founded September 23, 2032
Republic March 5, 2035
Constitution Adopted December 13, 2036
Anthem We the United


Khalzhastan means "Land of the Water that Remains" referring Ili river that's in the region. The nation gained independence during the Great Khalzhastani Revolt. They supported the American-Arab Wars. The Holy Leader Kïyeli Kösem Ähmbebab Ahlaman rules the country with the Ülken Jïnalis or "Great Assembly".

East Kazakhstan AnnexationEdit

The annexation of East Kazakhstan was successful and the Mongolian province of Bayan-Ölgii both annexed in April 3, 2035.