Jeremy K. Schnavel, King Jeremy the Wicked (2066-2145) a serial killer whose killing sprees became notorious in the 21nd century.

Image 63

An early sketch of Jeremy K. Schnavel

Early LifeEdit

Jeremy was born in a cabin in 2066 and grew up with a sociopathic personality. His first victims were young girls he later deemed "unclean" in an interview.

The New Columbia MurdersEdit

He preyed on 45 coeds in the New Columbia University and killed 14 of them in one night. The victims Schnavel killed were beaten and raped. His calling card was a letter "s" carved on each body. Later he moved into an apartment and there he lured girls in with his charm. There he tied them up and brutally raped and strangled them.

ANFI HuntsEdit

American Federation of National Investigations (AFNI) began hunting Schnavel down then nicknamed the New Columbian Monster by asking if anybody saw a person who looked to be suspicious. One woman stated she saw a man peeking through her with huge red eyes that looked like lenses.


The first series of murders occurred at night in the suburbs of New Columbia City. He plead his innocence to the American Federal Supreme Court. Jeremy was released under probation prior to his first murder in 2086 of a teenage girl. Later his major killing sprees occurred when he was 29 years old. He murdered just women and preyed on little girls. Schnavel's mind started to deteriorate and his victims were now reaching the death toll of 230 victims.

Theories of SchnavelEdit

Criminologists thought Jeremy K. Schnavel was a government project gone wrong and therefore that's why he was able to kill a lot of people without remorse. Chairman Cornell even said he funded a program that rehabilitated criminals called Project Mindsweep. But the project was abandoned due to specimens acting aggressive and out of control.


Jeremy K. Schnavel was captured in 2119 by the American International Police while attempting to escape into the woods near New Columbia City. He was later arrested and sent to prison. While in prison he made a list of things to do when he got out.


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