Jehub al-Kuamanda (2109-2165) the cleric of the Cuamandese regime. His theocratic dictatorship was the most brutal of the 22nd century and bloodiest. He built an empire that was vast and the largest in Pacific Ocean.

Early LifeEdit

Jehub al-Kuamanda was born in a small village in 2109 in the Southeast Asian Empire. He later was involved with sabotage and terrorism that lead to the death of Prime Minister Sabu al-Sharadah and his whole Board of Representatives.

Rise to PowerEdit

He joined the Hitam Serban or "Black Turban" army in 2129 fighting the Southeast Asian Imperial Army. Then he proclaimed himself 'Pelindung ketua or "Protector of Chiefs" over the Southeast Asian Empire.

Rise of the Cuamandese EmpireEdit

The Cuamandese Empire was the largest empire in Southeast Asia. Stretching from the Malay Peninsula to Borneo.

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