Coeloanthraped or hollowbug, a genetically engineered parasitic species of crustacean that was created in the year 2405. The hollowbug is 10-15 inches long weighing about a pound. This was the first successful spliced organism that was released in the wild.


An artist's impression of a hollowbug

Life CycleEdit

The hollowbug reproduces by laying eggs in another hollowbug's stomach by piercing the abdomen with it's stinger and releasing the sperm into the ovum. When the female hollowbug is finally pregnant it releases the hollowbug larvae into the water.


The hollowbug has a purplish circular exoskeleton with eight legs total. It's mouth has two pairs of mandibles and a beak. In the middle of it's head it has a single eye and a stinger on the back. The hollowbug can camouflage itself to hunt it's prey.

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