Heltlerian Nationalist Republic of America (HNRA), Provisional Heltlerian Regime or Heltlerian Empire, , a republic that was founded by General Aldof D. Leon Heltler.


The Heltlerian Flag


The Nuclear War of 2013 cause the collapse of the United States of America. A series of events led to a downfall of nations. Then a man named Aldof D. Leon Heltler or better known as Aldof Heltler. Heltler formed a regime that would exist for decades. The Heltlerian Republic was established in 2015 and a series of resistance fights and revolts will take place ripping apart the republic and restoring order in the Americas.


Region #1Edit

  • Occupied Canada and the Republic of Quebec (puppet state).
  • Ontario and Michigan Protectorate.
  • Republic of Wisconsin (puppet state)

Region #2Edit

  • Occupied Mexico and Protectorate of Cuba.

Region #3Edit

  • Occupied Latin America.

Region #4Edit

  • Occupied Haiti and Hispaniola.
  • Jamaican Resistance

Region #5Edit

  • Nicaragua Free State and Heltlerian Republic of Panama and Costa Rica.

Region #6Edit

  • State of Puerto Rico (under FAR occupation)

Region #7Edit

  • United States of the Mariana Islands

Region #8Edit

This region is now known as the American Republic

  • Baja California (occupied by FAR)
  • State of the Sanora Desert (occupied by FAR)
  • Phoenix City (FAR headquarters)

Region #9Edit

  • Atlantic Ocean Base (destroyed by FAR)

Region #10Edit

  • Pacific Ocean Base (destroyed by FAR)
  • Hawaiian Islands (occupied by FAR)

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