Country of OriginAmerican World Federation
Purpose Peacekeeping, diplomatic work
Number of Members30,000,000 to 50,000,000

International Global Alliance, IGA commonly called Global or Interglobal, an international organization dedicated on peacekeeping, human rights, and unity. The largest organization in the world.


History Edit

The Global Alliance was first organized by Gerard Ziegler in 2015 when the UN ceased to have any power due to hostility from other nations. Ziegler was a former ambassador to China before the American-Arab Wars broke out. Then came terror attacks on Americans and the UN decided not to even participate in that area again. When Ziegler went to President Barghas to approve of creating a Global Alliance Barghas refused.

Ziegler AdministrationEdit

In 2021 the Global Alliance was officially established without President Barghas's permission and Ziegler was the first Secretary-General of the Global Alliance.

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