Emperor José Martino de Cicéro I (1978-2063), the Emperor and dictator of the Cicérian Empire. His dictatorship and empire lasted for fifteen years causing major conflict in the world's nations. Emperor Cicéro's reign was filled with brutal policies and tyranny. He conquered parts of Africa and Latin America turning them into regimes.

Early LifeEdit

José Martino de Cicéro was born in 1978 on the island of La Ascención. His father was a soldier and his mother died when he was in his late twenties. Then in 1998 he staged a series of coups in Columbia, Peru, and Venezuela that were all unsuccessful and was imprisoned for eight years.

Rise to PowerEdit

In 2014 General Cicéro created the Tropas Armadas Secretas (TAS) or "Armed Secret Troops" to overwhelm the South American governments. By 2015 he seized control of the unstable Columbian government.

Battle of BogotáEdit

The Battle of Bogotá started when the TAS invaded the Columbian Capital.

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