Mujib Étienne Markosso (August 4, 1999-June 8, 2058) was a Zamgandan dictator, terrorist leader, and war criminal. His reign of terror began in 2025 when he organized the Red Hand Faction. This would later claim the lives of 15 million people and injuring countless of others.

Early LifeEdit

Étienne Markosso was born into a middle class family in rural Zamganda. He collected books on Nazi Germany and he fashioned himself off Adolf Hitler. Then when he was 18 years old he entered in the army and was court martialed for sociopathic episodes.

Somebody reported him shooting blanks at people with a machine gun. In 2035 he was imprisoned for trying to start a riot by shouting "I'll bomb the president out of his home!" and he once spit in the face of a public official.

Rise to PowerEdit

He lead a coup against François Sékoséko in 2035 when he shot him dead in his home. The rest of Sékoséko family fled to the American Alliance. Then the people of the new republic elected General Étienne Markosso as dictator of Zamganda. He proclaimed himself Kiongozi wa Wengi or "Leader of Many" in his speech.

Political PoliciesEdit

His new policies were in effect this included:

  • Censorship of every news stations.
  • Banning political parties.
  • Control over economics.
  • Making freedom of speech outlawed.
  • Controlling the birth rate with eugenics for pure a "Zamgandan race".
  • Giving the secret police more authority and control over the public.
  • Secret military operations in other countries.

Capture and DeathEdit

In 2058 General Markosso was in his compound and outside the American Alliance were planning a gun fight between his Red Hand Army were making their rounds. Then a convoy with Red Hand soldiers were all shot in a shoot out. Inside the compound General Markosso ordered his troops to fire at the American Alliance Army while he was getting ready to escape. General Markosso was escaping through his secret passage and was met by five RHF troops and escorted to the helicopter. But the American Alliance Army shot the five RHF troop killing three and wounding two.General Markosso tried to out run his enemies and what shot two times in the legs. Then General Markosso was tried months later and executed by firing squad.

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