Freemerican Empire, Freemerica World Corporation, a corporate empire in North America and the richest in the world. This megacorporation was founded in 2029 by Chairman Vincent Cornell. The American World Federation banned the corporation in 2088 from expanding in the world.

Freemerica Corporation
Country of OriginAmerican World Federation
Key People Chairman Vincent Cornell
HeadquartersCornell City Complex
Foundation March 16, 2029
Employees 90,000 to 100,000
Products Antiradiation equipment, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicine
Income $900 billion
Divisions Freemerican International Pharmaceuticals, The Vault of Plenty
SubsidiariesProject Manhunter, BioCorps Ltd.


Emperor Cornell founded the Freemerica Corporation in 2056 and the small company grew into a trillion dollar industry of antiradiation chemicals in case of a nuclear holocaust. The corporation made some "indecent rivals" over the years and then in 2078 Freemerica made acquisitions of other other rivals making about $45 billion in revenues.

Acquisition of the AmeriTech CorporationEdit

The biggest rival to Freemerica was the megabillion dollar scientific research corporation named AmeriTech which was the main developer of antiradiation suits and the main genetic research facility in the American World Federation.




Legal IssuesEdit


The Freemerica Corporation received more than sixty lawsuits and five investigations from the American Trade Federation Security Bureau or ATSB.


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