Transcaucasian Federation of States, a country located in between the Black and the Caspian Seas. The Volga river separates this country in the north.

Transcaucasian Federation of States
Capital Astrakhan
Official Languages Russian, Chechen, Kalmyk, and indigenous languages
Government Federal republic
Area 549,511 sq. miles
Population Estimated 26,899,679
Unification and Independence May 15, 2025 from the Russian Federation
Federation July 8, 2029
Constitution Adopted August 12, 2032
Anthem Federation


The Federated States of Transcaucasia was created on May 15, 2025 after the Islamists were defeated and their leader was executed for war crimes against humanity. Then came a wave of battles to end Islamist fundamentalism in the region. This lead up to the Siege of Grozny which decimated the Chechen Army.


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