Federal Republic of Krepeskia (Serbian: Савезна Република Крепескииа Savezna Republika Krépeskiya Albanian: Republika Federale e Qrepesçiqä) a country located in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Krepeskia was a puppet state of Chernovian People's Republic.

Federal Republic of Krepeskia
Capital Slavigrad
Official Languages Krepeskian (a dialect of Serbian), Albanian
Government Federal republic
Area 1,350 sq miles
Population 4,560,700
Currency Krepeskian krone
Independence May 8, 2028
Chernovian Occupation January 4, 2030
Krepeskian Revolution February 16, 2035
Federal Republic June 13, 2036
Anthem Birth of a Nation


Chernovian OccupationEdit

Meganationalists took control of the Krepeskian government in 2028.

Szarnova Regime (2030-2045) Edit

General Sergei Szarnova seized power in Krepeskia during Chernovian occupation for fifteen years. Under his rule more than 450 deaths were carried out by his People's Army, a paramilitary group responsible for more than 600 deaths, 50 cases of rape, torture and massacres. The Global Alliance sent more than 15,000 troops to fight the People's Army.

The Krepeskian RevolutionEdit

The People's Army of Krepeskia suppressed the population of the country causing 450 deaths and deportation of 900 dissidents to prison camps in the remote areas. In 2045 the Krepeskian nationalist leader Vladimir Jovskov gathered mote than 400,000 rebels to overthrow the Szarnova regime.

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