First Heltlerian Regime (2013-2065), the longest regime on American soil and the most brutal since Nazi Germany.

Events of 2013Edit

  • A nuclear war ends and America is thrown into a fascist society. Nobody is talking about anything and the United States is suffering from a debt.
  • President K.R. "Kenny" Orama is reelected and is forced to hand his power over to billionaire General A.L.D. "Aldof" Heltler who has rigged the election.
  • General Heltler creates his secret police called the Fingerpointers to suppress and execute dissidents.
  • The former American President K.R. "Kenny" Orama is captured by the Fingerpointers along with other fugitives and executed by a shot to the head.
  • General Heltler orders the citizens numbering in the millions to recognize him as their "Supreme Strongman".
  • Heltler becomes President and his first plan is to divided North and Central America into ten regions.
  • Mexico and Cuba are occupied by the Heltlerian Regime.
  • Political parties are banned except the ones General Heltler has plans for.

Events of 2014Edit

  • The fascist Free Irons Party was found, "purity, nation, and Americans for Americans!". The Democrat Party is now has unlimited power across the country and Liberal Fascism takes form as states fall under each regime.
  • Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama are annexed to the Heltlerian Regime.
  • Street gangs become more common and attacking Heltler's soldiers. The major gang called the Skulleroos become more dangerous towards the government.

Events of 2015Edit

  • Heltlerian American Armed Forces invaded Latin America for their resources killing 100,000 civilians and armed troops who tried to resist.
  • Panama and Costa Rica holds a conference about the spread of Heltlerism. The Heltlerization of other nations began and Heltlerism became the new form of government.
  • Some revolts are crushed and more than 45,000 people were forced to work in government controlled jobs.
  • President Heltler creates the Budgeting Demand Bill that forces more that 45,000 to 99,000 people into labor camps.
  • The Redfear Party starts to organize and the Free Iron Party becomes their rivals. This started a series of political feuds that resulted in kidnappings, murders, and sabotage.

Events of 2016Edit

  • The Redfear Party becomes the official party of the nation and the 3,000 Free Iron members are purged by Heltler's orders.
  • The Redfear Party passed a law that all non-Redfear members were inferior and should be executed.
  • President Heltler made a speech that made headlines across the world stating that his "detrimental intolerance" will be harsh.
  • The Downfieldtown Massacre took place when the citizens refused to accept General Heltler as their leader. More than 450 people were killed mostly men, women, and children.

Events of 2017Edit

  • The Free American Resistance or FAR was formed by the Downfieldtown survivors and recruited more than 56,000 members.
  • The FAR army starts sabotaging the Fingerpointers and the Redfear controlled areas.

Events of 2018Edit

  • The Battle of Chicago broke out when an army of 67,000 FAR soldiers invaded Chicago and captured the city's North Side and West Side sections. Then a wave of attacks started when the Heltlerian Army numbering 56,000 advanced into the FAR occupied areas. This started a conflict that lasted five days resulting in a FAR victory.
  • President Aldof Heltler heard this and was outraged over the Heltlerian defeat. He issued an army 68,000 Redfear Troops and Fingerpointers to arrest anyone who was connected with the FAR army.
  • Concentration camps start to appear in the Northeast. But more than 450 existed in each region and 198 were opened due to funding. New prisoners weren't treated as harshly but were still starved.

Events of 2019Edit

  • The Redfear Party expanded its power in domestic affairs and wanted to work on a "master race" called the "All Heltlerians" the madman wanted it all.
  • Genocidal experiments began on "undesirables" and 300,000 were subjected to unspeakable tests.
  • The "Perfect Human" Program begins that did experiments like eugenics, and breeding human females to make perfect babies.
  • The programs were quickly shut down by the FAR forces at this point numbering 120,000 to 599,000 soldiers.
  • Heltlerian Republic's Army reaches a staggering 84,600,700 soldiers.

Events of 2020Edit

  • President Heltler's son Trevor Zanfield Heltler becomes the head of the secret police and his top adviser.
  • President Heltler has 50 civilians executed for killing one of his chief adviser.
  • Trevor Zanfield Heltler celebrates his 23rd birthday.

Events of 2021Edit

  • FAR invents a camera called advisors or camavisors to spy on Heltlerian activities. It was first used during the Battle of Detroit.
  • A guerrilla group called Green Tankies is founded.

Events of 2022Edit

  • The Fingerpointers rounded up criminals and sent them to jail without a trial. The crime rate has decreased down to 67%.
  • Riots broken out in many cities most of them are race and anti-Heltler riots resulting in 350,000 deaths.

Events of 2023Edit

  • Tropical Storm Storm slams into the Gulf of Mexico killing 4,600 people. The Redfear covers up the disaster by stating "We were unprepared for such destruction!" President Heltler takes advantage of this catastrophe and rebuilds New Orleans into a naval base.
  • More than 56,000 people were deported from New Orleans and sent to containment camps. The Fingerpointers are put in charge of Region #5 and 6 by building a compound called the Green Base.
  • Guerrilla warfare breaks out in remote jungles under Heltlerian occupation.
  • President Heltler creates the People's Armed Guard, a paramilitary group of secret military police whose responsibility is to secure the Heltlerian regime and also acts as the bodyguards of Heltler.

Events of 2024Edit

  • More wars and riots breakout and the Heltlerian government is called the "Evil Empire" in the world.
  • President Heltler celebrates his 55th birthday.

Events of 2025Edit

  • The Redfear Party abolishes free speech and civil rights. President Heltler makes a speech on certain rights will be given to people who are cooperative with his regime.

Events of 2026Edit

Heltlerian scientists formed a sterilization program and tries to cleanse Americans of foreign blood.

Events of 2027Edit

Events of 2028Edit

Events of 2029Edit

Events of 2030Edit

Events of 2031Edit

Events of 2032Edit

Events of 2033Edit

  • Trevor Zanfield Heltler II is born.

Events of 2034Edit

Events of 2035Edit

Events of 2036Edit

Events of 2037Edit

Events of 2038Edit

Events of 2039Edit

Events of 2040Edit

Events of 2041Edit

Events of 2042Edit

Events of 2043Edit

Events of 2044Edit

Events of 2045Edit

Events of 2046Edit

Events of 2047Edit

Events of 2048Edit

Events of 2049Edit

Events of 2050Edit

Events of 2051Edit

Events of 2052Edit

Events of 2053Edit

Events of 2054Edit

Events of 2055Edit

Events of 2056Edit

Events of 2057Edit

Events of 2058Edit

Events of 2059Edit

Events of 2060Edit

Events of 2061Edit

Events of 2062Edit

Events of 2063Edit

Events of 2064Edit

Events of 2065Edit

  • President Heltler dies from old age leaving his son Trevor Zanfield Heltler in charge of the country.

Events of 2066Edit

Events of 2067Edit

Events of 2068Edit

Events of 2069Edit

Events of 2070Edit

Events of 2071Edit

Events of 2072Edit

Events of 2073Edit

Events of 2074Edit

Events of 2075Edit

Events of 2076Edit

Events of 2077Edit

Events of 2078Edit

Events of 2079Edit

Events of 2080Edit

Events of 2081Edit

Events of 2082Edit

Events of 2083Edit

Events of 2084Edit

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Events of 2086Edit

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Events of 2088Edit

Events of 2089Edit

Events of 2090Edit

Events of 2091Edit

Events of 2092Edit

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Events of 2095Edit

Events of 2096Edit

Events of 2097Edit

Events of 2098Edit

Events of 2099Edit

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