Republic of Evenia (Azeri: Respublikası Evenya', Russian: Respublika Evenya, Georgian: პატარა რუსეთის (patara ruset’is "Little Russia"), Armenian: Հողի ծաղիկներ (Hoghi tsaghikner "Land of Flowers") , is a small country located in the Caucasus Mountains bordering Geogia in the west and the Russian Federation to the east.


Republic of Evenia

Capital Dashkash or Daşqaş
Official Languages Evenian, Aramenian, Azeri, Georgian, Russian
Government Republic
Area 45,000 sq. miles
Population 89,000
Currency Manat
Founded July 8, 1991
Products Cattle, oil, metals, grains
Anthem Bizim Baba Müqəddəs Uşaq or "Holy Child of Our Father"


The Eveni were a Caucasian people who were absorbed into the local population. In 1929 the Soviet Union made it an autonomous territory. The Germans occupied Evenia during World War II and made it a special region. In 1991 the Evenian state was established as an independent republic.