Евразийская Советского Союза a dynasty of the Soviet Union established in the Eurasian region. The new leader Yuri Muhammad Hussein, the spiritual leader of the Eurasian Soviets. Ethnic clashes under were numerous during the 1980s between Iranian and Turkic people which resulted in 120,000 deaths.

Eurasian Soviet Empire
Capital Moscow
Official Languages Russian (de facto) Eurasian languages
Government Autocracy
Area 8,649,538 square miles
Population - 1991 est. 293,047,571
Currency Eurasian ruble
Anthem N/A

The Hussein RegimeEdit

The new leader Yuri Muhammad Hussein, the spiritual leader of the Eurasian Union. His ruthlessness and foreign policies lead him to became a well known leader. He quelled numerous revolts by hiring his Z.O.B. or Zashbez, the secret police.


The Eurasian Soviet economy was based on oil, uranium, and weapons trade. Only 98% of imports comes from other Communist Union of Nations like the Soviet Republic of Romania, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Soviet Republic of Ervania, and Soviet Republic of the Balkans.

Eurasian Soviet RepublicsEdit

The Eurasian Soviet Republics are not directly under Eurasian authority but they serve as puppet states.

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