Empire of Malaysia

(green) Empire of Malaysia (dark green) Areas claimed by the Malay Empire

Image 1950
Capital Jakarta
Official Languages Malay, Tamil, Iban, Chinese
Government Autocracy
Area 944,265 sq. miles (excluding the Republic of Aceh)
Population 56,890,567
Currency Rupee
Founded May 4, 2036
First Empire 2036
Jehoob's Regime 2065-2109
Second Empire2109
Anthem The Emperor's Song

Malay Empire, an empire that was founded after 2027. The Malay people elected an imperial dictator named Emperor Mahmud Aziz Anaksinga I.

The Anaksingah EraEdit

Emperor Mahmud I was an authoritarian and despotic dictator. In 2036 he seized Kalimantan making it a province. Later Sulawesi was annexed after Java was invaded. In 2062 he had his army of 10,000 to invade all of Papua New Guinea by that time Australia was fighting Malay troops as they were landing on shore near Port Moresby.

In 2065 Emperor Mahmud Aziz Anaksingah I died from a heart attack and left his son Emperor Mahmud Aziz Anaksingah II in charge of the regime.

The Invasion of SumatraEdit

In 2075 the Malay Empire invaded the island of Sumatra and the region of Aceh took advantage of this by bribing the Emperor to make them independent again. This gave rise to a wave of attacks on ships going to and from the Pacific Ocean.

Jehoob's Regime (2065-2109)Edit


The Empire of Malaysia is an autocracy with a Maharaja (Emperor) who rules with an iron fist. Political parties are banned and forbidden by the Maharaja.

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