Echuks, a race of mutants who appeared after the earthquake in New York City in 2899.

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Name Edit

The origin of the name Echuk is unknown. However it's thought to be derived from the acronym ECHUK meaning "ecologically changed underground killers" but this is highly debated.

History Edit

The history of the Echuks remains a mystery and their origins are obscure. They appeared after the year 2899. The Echuk population was 99,000,000 in 2900 and dropped to 44,000,000 by 2903 due to wars, and inter fighting.

Society Edit

Echuks live in tribes and clans based on their status, for example poor Echuks belong to an inferior clan and intelligent Echuks belong to high society. The intelligent Echuks are ruled by a chief and poor Echuks are slaves, merchants, thieves, and criminals. They base their society on raiding, pillaging, murder, and mayhem.

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