Dr. Manfred Henry Granger or alias Mr. M. H. Grange (b. July 5, 1868 d. in absentia April 5, 1902) an American scientist and time traveler who was the inventor and builder of the Chronotrix. The most controversial machines ever to be made in the 20th century. However his invention along with him disappeared never to be seen again. The Granger Estate was never sold and was vacant.

Early LifeEdit

Dr. Manfred H. Granger grew up in the the wealthy section of Boston Massachusetts then his family moved out to the country around Salem. He was always fascinated in the fact that time was going forwards. But he wondered what would happen if time went backwards. Dr. Granger worked on his Chronotrix in 1889 and finished it in 1900 two months before disappearing.

His "New Identity"Edit

When he came back to 1900 after the two months he vanished he assumed the name Mr. M. H. Grange to hide his identity to those who knew him.


In 1900 he built a time machine called the Chronotrix. In 1902 he disappeared mysteriously in his own home and his time device was never found anywhere. So people expected he was either murdered or kidnapped. Nobody knows what happened to him others claimed his soul is trapped between time and space. He was declared dead in April 5, 1902. His disappearance has sparked a continuous investigation by American authorities throughout decades and some may even argue he wasn't dead in 1902 and claimed they seen him in various situations over a vast amount of years.

Deaths & RebirthsEdit

  • He was killed by an explosion in 1902 to stop a Cataclysm but his past self survived.
  • He was shot by a mobster in 1935 then he went to the future to push himself out of the way of the gunman.
  • He was shot by a Thinkerman then revived by his chronogenesis.
  • Fell off a cliff but held on a tree branch.
  • Stabbed by a soldier but later recovered from a mysterious energy.
  • Burned alive in a future only to realize it was a dream.

His ImmortalityEdit

Dr. Granger gained immortality through chronogenesis, which is an infinitive life that occurs during a long course of time travel.

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