Dr. James William Fields (1875-1969) an American scientist and writer who found the journal of Dr. Manfred H. Granger and published the theories about chronogenesis. Dr. Fields often wondered about the disappearance of the genius behind the theory.

Early Life Edit

Dr. James W. Fields was born in Salem, Massachusetts in December 12, 1875 and went to Harvard in 1895 to study physics and astronomy. After he graduated from Harvard the pursued a career in time theory.

His WorksEdit

In 1912 Dr. Fields wrote a book called A Time to Live, this was about time and it's effects on living organisms and the possibilities of travelling throughout the universe. A Time to Live caught the imaginations of many worldwide and started a club called the Time Watcher's Society.

He was very intrigued by the theory if men could time travel they would just save people on the Titanic.


Dr. Fields died in 1969 from natural causes at age 94. he was remembered as the father of modern time travel theory. He was buried in St. Andrews Cemetery in Hanover, Massachusetts.

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