Dr. Jakob Oskar van Krok (2309-2407) a Dutch-born American scientists, cyberneurologist and physician whose controversial research on unborn fetuses stirred up speculations of the AWF government has been euthanizing premature fetuses. But he was studying the effects of cyberneurology on deceased humans. His findings were very controversial and advanced for that time. Dr. Krok was a major figure in cyberneurology and it's later breakthroughs.

Early LifeEdit

Dr. van Krok was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2309 and graduated from Harvard in 2328. Then he studied at a top secret government facility for seven years. Dr. Krok then moved his work to on cyberneurology and it's benefits to modern man. He once said "If I fail today, tomorrow will never fail me" when he was working on his first live subject name Jennifer who had an accident and was neurologically damaged.

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