Cyberneurology, a study of neurology and cybernetics working together to provide efficiency in science and technological advantages in medicine, neurology, and biology. This science is very controversial and as a question of ethics. The the scientific community have over the years accepted this science as a separate branch. This means scientists already practiced cyberneurology. However some people think it's a government conspiracy and some others rejected as a science rather than a theory.


Cyberneurology has many advancements. Some cyberneurological procedures are done in a second and others are done in a half a second. The scientific community isn't ready to accept or deny the countless possibilities of cyberneurology.

Inventions of CyberneurologyEdit

The cyberneurosuit, cyberneurometer, cyberneurological helmet are some of the inventions that came from cyberneurology. Also efficient tools and medical supplies came from cyberneurology as well as medicines.

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