Concilium imperii or "Concilium of the Empire", the main legislation and policy making branch of the United States of Romana.


The First Concilium was found in the 16th century when Rome was first being rebuilt.


The Concilium makes the laws and passes them to the Emperor for approval. After he inspects them he can either pass or reject them in a veto. Also the Concilium can get the approval from the Emperor to declare war, make peace, or send troops to conquer territories.


Foreign PoliciesEdit

The Gallican people has always been a serious problem for the Romans in 1999 the Gallicans invaded Rome and killed 150 civilians and soldiers.

The Twelve LawsEdit

  • I. Nobody is to intimidate anyone who serves in the Concilium.
  • II. The Elector shall elect the proper orator domus or "house speaker" to serve in the Concilium.
  • III. The Emperor is the leader of everything in the Concilium even approving the laws.
  • IV. The number of men in the Concilium shall be 150 and no more.
  • V. Nobody shall vote more than three times.
  • VI. The Emperor is always allowed to deny any laws that he thinks is unfair or not proper.
  • VII. The senior domus has the power to suspend the privileges of an orator domus.
  • VIII.
  • IX.
  • X.
  • XI.
  • XII.

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