Cicéro's Empire of South America

(green) Cicérian Empire (dark green) The Allies of Cicéro


Cicero Imperial Flag

Capital Bogotá (de facto)
Official Languages Spanish, Quechua
Government Dictatorship
Area 996,905 sq. miles
Population 153,900,879
Currency Cicérian fuerte
Founded August 6, 2015
Collapse January 8, 2020
Reunification with the Colombian-Venezuelan Union December 12, 2022
Anthem El Jefe Supremo

Empire of Cicero, Cicérian Empire (Spanish: Imperio Cicériano), a former totalitarian empire that took over all of the resources in 2016 and then conquered parts of Central America.


In 2015 General José Martino de Cicéro took a hold of the world's supply of oil and waged a war against the world. In 2016 he began his conquest of South and Central America. His goal was to lead a coup in those countries to overthrow their governments.

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