Chernovians (Chernovskyy), are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Chernovia.


Chernovian ethnic flag

Native demonym Chernovskyy, Chernovskoyï
Country of Origin People's Republic of Chernovia
Population 40,905,000
Religion Russian Orthodox
Race or nationality Slavic
Regions with significant populations Chernovia, Ukraine, Germany
Related ethnic groups Ukrainians


The Chernovians were always persecuted since the founding of their nation. They were once oppressed by the Ukrainians who called them brudnogamskyy or "mud-feet" after their shoes when working in the fields.


The Chernovians have a reputation of being patriotic and very kind. Some Chernovian people are extremely pious and traditional to one extent. They eat at early morning hours and fast until early evening a time they call sodnapost or "daily fasting" a practice that's been a long traditional. Chernovians also go to Opivnoci spilkuvanna or "Midnight Communion" and pray until early morning.


Chernovian society is based on music, food, and media. Since the Chernovianization of General Zovsky the Chernovian culture was promoted at the fullest.


The national dish is vivsani vugriv which is eel stuffed with fat, oats, chicken liver, roasted beef, and vegetables. Chernovia is a rich beer making region and Zelenijpiva or "green beer" is a mixture of vodka and beer with mint.


The Chernovian language is a dialect of Ukrainian and the national language of Chernovia. Chernovian is spoken by 40,905,000 in Chernovia and is written in either Latin or Cyrillic.

Current IssuesEdit

The Chernovians are being denied to enter into the Ukraine.


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