Chernovian People's Rada
CountryPeople's Republic of Chernovia
Ideology Socialism, egalitarianism, anti-fanaticism, revolutionism, nationalism
Number of Members 70,000,000
Foundation September 24, 2016
Membership Members has to be at least 29 to join.
Location of Headquarters Novychornobskya, Chernovia
Status This is the head of the Chernovian Government.

People's Rada of Chernovia (Chernovian: Цхерновскыы Народної Рады or Chernovskyy Narodnoï Rady), the main governing body of the People's Republic of Chernovia. After the Chernovian independence the Rada became very prominent in the Chernovian political spectrum. The Zovskyists wanted to restore the Rada's power after the Zovskyist Wars.


The People's Rada was established on September 24, 2016 by the Vozhd (President) Mikhail Yosef Zovsky.

Structure of the RadaEdit

The Chernovian People's Rada is ran by the President (Vozhd) and the Representatives (Predstavniky). Every member of the Rada enacts the laws which are approved by the President at anytime and if the law passes it goes into effect and if the President doesn't agree or disapproves the law he can veto it to the full extent.


  • Chamber of Representatives, the representatives makes a law for the Chernovian Government and the Vozhd passes the laws.
  • Chernovian National Council of Defense, this council is in charge of the Chernovian Presidential Guard.

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