Chairman Vincent A. Cornell (2041-2135), the former head CEO of the Freemerica Corporation and then "Emperor" of the Freemerican Empire. His fifty year regime was remembered as one of the most ruthless corporations in the history of mankind.

Rise to PowerEdit

Emperor Cornell was the son of a wealthy entrepreneur named Antonio A. Cornell who was later convicted of murder, fraud and theft. Later when his father was executed by lethal injection he made sure he'll "make his enemies bleed" by buying off huge corporations and taking money from banks by force. In 2089 his megabillion industry grew beyond the limit. Then in 2100 he owned the military, media, hospitals, and clinic. He built a huge complex that he named Cornell City to keep out the media as others struggled to get to the bottom of his corruption.

Human Rights AbusesEdit

The Cornellian "scheme" was marked by hostile takeovers, murder, corporate espionage, and antitrust violations. In 2079 he froze the assets the other corporations and carried out most of his "wet work" by his secret corporate police called the Greencoats.

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