Capital Yaoundé
Official Languages Sango, French, English, Bantu languages
Government Democracy
Area 424,103 sq. miles
Population 10,234,900
Currency Caméroune franc
Unification October 5, 2021
Republic February 19, 2022
Constitution Adopted March 3, 2025
Anthem United Forever


Cameroon invaded the Central African Republic in 2021 and ousted the Danny Bonjah regime in efforts to put away the decade long wars.



The culture in the CARC is about the same.


Contemporary IssuesEdit

Missing PeopleEdit

In 2023 about 3,780 people disappeared in the Central region of eastern Cameroon and about 2,690 more disappeared. Some say the kidnappings occur at night and early mornings.

Drug TraffickingEdit

The trafficking of narcotics has been an issue since of the unification of the two republics.

Attacks from ZamgandaEdit

The Zamgandan Secret Army attacked Yaoundé in 2023 resulting in 30 deaths and leaving 1,890 wounded.

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