Bezhkorazia or Beshkandistan formerly Hakkâri Province (Turkish: Beşköarazi or "Land of Five Villages, Azerbaijani: Beşkəndistan) a puppet state in the mountainous region of Turkey.

Eurasian Soviet Republic of Bezhkorazian
Capital Shahabat (Şemdinli)
Official Languages Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi
Government Dictatorship
Area 2,749 square miles
Population 10,890
Currency Dinar
Declared 1983
Recognition None (self proclaimed republic)
Anthem N/A


Located at the farthest corner of Turkey, the Republic of Bezhkorazia is a mountainous land. There is a visible military presence in the capital of Shahabat, owing to the strategic position of the town astride a mountain route connecting the least-controllable corners of Iran and Iraq.


The state was created out of the province of Hakkâri when Eurasian Soviets seized this vulnerable location from Turkey and called it Bezhkorazia meaning "Land of Five Villages" to united the population.

International RelationsEdit

Bezhkorazia has cut ties with Syria and Turkey due to border disputes and attacks. The Turkish Armed Forces tried to invade Bezhkorazia but were postponed due to the Soviet intervention.

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